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[14 Aug 2015|08:06pm]
If Pyxis wins in an Ophi minigame that offers memories, I would definitely like memories!

memory registry )
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Memory 5 and 6 [19 Oct 2011|09:21pm]
I guess I will post the dub because it's easier than transcribing everything anyway...

Memory 5: Robin tries to make D'Eon apologize to Anna for being a jerk, until Durand hits him in the face with a door. (Ep 5).

Earned Day 280
Taken: No

Memory 6: Lia introducing a type of feminism into Russia by convincing Elizaveta to hold crossdress masquerade balls to help make. "Let's change it, your majesty. Let's change everything." (Ep 8)

Referred to here but in the actual flashback and from Lia's perspective.

Earned Day 282
Taken: No
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Memory 4 - No Funeral [29 Sep 2011|07:48pm]
D'Eon being informed after his sister Lia's body washes to shore in a coffin with "Psalms" on it. Attending her funeral. Her being refused burial. (Ep 1).

- basically what it says. It's mostly silent or offscreen and involves D'Eon throwing himself onto the coffin and grieving. Lia's body is full of mercury instead of blood. He'll be more aware of his staunch religious background here as the whole thing with her being refused burial is that it prevents her spirit from moving on.

Earned game 163
Taken: Yes (offscreen)
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Memory 3 - Crucifix [18 Sep 2011|02:15pm]
Lia giving D'Eon her crucifix as she goes off to spy (Ep 1).

Lia, in a red dress, is about to board a carriage. D'Eon is behind her, pleading with her.

"You lie every time you go out! Why won't you tell even me where you're going?"

Lia turns back, smiling, and unfastens the crucifix from around her neck. "It is all for France. Some day I will be able to tell you about it." She hangs her crucifix around D'Eon's neck. "Until then, I will leave this in your care. Stay just as you are. Hold on to your sincere loyalty."

D'Eon starts to pick up the crucifix to look at it, and Lia takes his hand in both of hers. She cradles it instead against her chest. "Please, D'Eon."

Earned in the Ophi childcare minigame
Taken: Yes
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Memory 2 - Crossdressing ball [06 Sep 2011|10:19pm]
D'Eon dressing in Lia's dress to go to the crossdress masquerade; swordplay in a dress and heels. An empty jewel case. Later, meeting in her private chambers to discuss politics. Planning with the other musketeers after to stop the assassination. Explaining it to Elizaveta. (Ep 8-9)

Hilariously his second memory comes chronologically immediately after his first.

Summary behind cut )

Earned Game 160
Form: Stale D'Eon cookie
Taken: Yes
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Memory 1 - Zombie dogs [21 Aug 2011|01:18pm]
D'Eon fighting zombie dogs sent by Lorenza. Lia taking over. Like she does. Why am I on this roof, guys?(Skill associated: break spell within an area of effect. (Ep 7)

Summary behind cut )

- D'Eon will realize that he apparently has a sister who lives in the same body, and whose name is Lia. He'll also get his own name!
- His own memory of the events when Lia took over are vague, but he recognizes that a) he was run up onto the roof to find that carriage and b) that the presence doing so was Lia.
- Lia will be able to break control-type spells now (associated ability) but has to charge up and it will be limited by bracer and other player's wishes hahaha. I doubt this will actually come up.

Earned game 158
Taken: Yes
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Stats [14 Aug 2011|08:21pm]
Age: Somewhere in his 20s (there are historical dates... but that would put D'Eon in his 40s during the series which is not ... true. So. Go go AU history).
Height: Tall
Weight: Slender
Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Ash blond
Appearance: Extremely feminine, even feminized. Although not all of my icons depict them with flushed lips/long eyelashes, assume they have them as the later series accurately represents their physical body. Slender but with lean muscle. Some scarring from what look like sword wounds on their arms and chest. Usually, the one with the sad face is D'Eon and the one with the confident face is Lia, but not always.

Note for the psychics, spirit energy readers, etc: D'Eon and Lia are two souls sharing a single body. Lia may read as a foreign presence who moved in later, or possessor.
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